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  • About Us

    The 363A Anonymous Team team consists of 7th and 8th graders from El Rancho Charter School located in Anaheim Hills, CA. The team is made up of members that have competed in the previous VEX IQ Challenge as well as some new team members. Every team member works together in designing, building, STEM research, and Engineering Notebook as well as driver practice. The 363A Anonymous are fortunate to have dedicated members who are willing to meet at least once week including weekends and holidays. Not only do they work hard, they also enjoy spending time together and have much fun along the way!

  • What We Do

    We are a small VEX Robotics team located in Anaheim Hills, California. We meet every Friday and Wednesday, to improve upon our robot, website, and STEM project. We have many tasty snacks, fun memories, and many laughs together. We are a well-rounded team, with everyone helping each other out with their tasks. We work collaboratively to achieve success in our competitions, and our frequent meetings. We always have someone taking notes in our Engineering Notebook, other members building new additions to the robot, and one pair practicing with the robot (with someone loading). Our #1 goal is to win state, make it to world, and do our very best in Kentucky next year.

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Greetings from Southern California.

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